Your right to privacy

When many of us think of privacy, we think about how much we share about our personal life. From recounting a personal story with a coworker, to telling a friend about a health concern, you get to decide what and how much you share with others in your life. 

California with pixelated blue squares and yellow shield with privacy lock.

But did you know privacy also extends to your interactions with businesses?

When you browse the internet or make a purchase, companies collect personal information about you. Personal information is any piece of information that can be associated with you, from your home address to your genetic data.  

Thanks to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you now have more control over your personal information. This landmark legislation was the first comprehensive consumer privacy law passed in the United States. If you are a resident of California, you can instruct a business that is subject to the CCPA to not sell or share your personal information and limit the use and disclosure of your sensitive personal information. This law also empowers you to ask businesses about the personal information they have about you, request the deletion of your information, or correct any inaccuracies.  

There are also many other privacy rights outside of the CCPA and other government agencies that can assist with these rights. If your privacy concern isn’t covered by the CCPA, please see our Additional Protections page to learn about the resources available to you.